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Groundwater Management

Underground construction work often requires innovative, resource-conserving solutions - particularly in the area of groundwater management as such project work significantly affects the surrounding aquifer in various ways. The time period over which the water table is lowered must be minimized and the extent of the drawdown must be held as well to a minimum in accordance with the site conditions at hand. Our EI&C department has the know-how and resources required to create the desired control systems, program their software and set them up on site for autonomous operation by our expert staff. We provide the customer access authorization to the site data base, ensuring transparent documentation throughout all phases of the project.

Our Service Portfolio:

  • Reduction of aquifer disturbance using state-of-the-art processes and technologies
  • Documentation and control of impact on aquifer
  • Creation of controlled effects (in water table level, water volume, filling levels etc.) in aquifer as desired
  • Visualization on PC/iPad/iPhone

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