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Bachelor of Science Business IT

4. As you see it, what makes Hölscher Wasserbau an attractive employer?
Hölscher Wasserbau makes a variety of training programmes and ongoing education measures available that can get me ahead career-wise. In addition the company gives me responsibility for my job and the tasks it entails and I am permitted to develop my abilities freely. As a traditional family-operated company, Hölscher Wasserbau offers its employees long-term perspectives and a sense of bonding. You get the sense that the company cares for its employees.

5. To what extent does Hölscher Wasserbau promote your development as a trainee?
Given my wide range of responsibilities, I am constantly learning new things and improving my knowledge of what I have learned. If on occasion I should be at a loss as to how to proceed, someone always provides assistance. My co-workers and supervisors are friendly, yet can stand their ground as well. If problems come up, there is always someone knowledgeable to talk to. The same holds true with regard to the theoretical part of my training.

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