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Our goal as a service provider is to create competitive advantages, not only for us but for you as well.
Accordingly, we are always looking for improvements and further development potential in our products and processes. The experience we continually gather in project work and - more importantly, the suggestions and needs of our customers - provide the input for innovative development.

We created our R&D team with the specific mission of understanding and implementing your ideas. Made up of specialists from a variety of fields, they evaluate the potential of suggested improvements whether originated from customers or internally. Improvements with promising benefits are refined with equal portions of creativity and know-how and transformed into reality:

  • Control Technologies: Advanced PLC control technologies with computer-controlled remote sensors and frequency-controlled pumps provide maximum benefits in terms of cost efficiency, operational safety and environmental protection.

  • Pump development system: used in well regeneration as well as determination of hydraulic conductivity and sand content in accordance with DVGW and other test standards.

  • Groundwater level monitoring with data transfer or by GPRS remote-controlled PLC,
    autonomous operation independent of mains or generator current, powered by our hybrid photovoltaic/wind energy module with power storage battery.

  •  DSI (Jet suction infiltration): Patented process for infiltration of water into conductive aquifer layers, e.g. to realize groundwater drawdown without need for above-surface water conveying from the original site.
    For detailed information, please see the HW-DSI product page.

  • Hydro-cyclone: Utilization of centrifugal force to accelerate sedimentation and solids separation from water.

  • MiP wall: A vertical cut-off wall made by mixing different soil layers while injecting a water-cement slurry. Can be fabricated in depths up to 6 meters.

  • HW-Backreamer: Our patented system for removal of deposits caused by flush-drilling processes used in fine-grained loose-rock aquifers. The HW Backreamer peels off this "filter cake" in a defined section of the borehole, therefore substantially upgrading the water inflow rate of the finished well.

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