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Water Treatment

Since the dawn of man, water has always been one of our most important natural resources and is synonymous with life force. Water remains our most essential life source and its conservation is a matter of utmost priority both today and for future generations to come. Accordingly, we at Hölscher Wasserbau use trend-setting process technologies to protect the quality and purity of environmental water.

Our custom-engineered solutions in the areas of groundwater treatment, site decontamination and landfill engineering are core elements of our expertise portfolio.

Our range of services includes:

  • Groundwater treatment:  Separation systems, ion exchange units, automation technologies, EI&C, PLC systems, services such as operation, maintenance and upkeep
  • Landfill engineering:  Landfill gas collection, landfill leachate collection / treatment
  • Remediation/ Contaminated site cleanup:  Soil replacement utilizing heavy-duty drilling equipment, conventional excavation, advanced containment technologies, groundwater treatment.

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